About My Beautiful Life

Hi ya'll and welcome to my beautiful life.  Some may wonder, why do you call living with cancer, a "beautiful life"?  Well, that is very easy for me to explain why.  My goal is to inspire others who need to be reminded to find the positives in life, no matter how bad it gets.  This is my personal blog of how I continue to live a beautiful life with the beautiful life who saved my beautiful life.  Try to say that three times fast :)

My cancer journey started on February 18, 2014 and weeks away from giving birth.  That day I received a phone call that my biopsy tested positive for papillary thyroid cancer.  I couldn’t listen to half the things my doctor said after “You have cancer.” In my head, I thought, “How did this happen?” I was 31 and healthy. Before pregnancy, I never went to the doctor. Now, I was sitting in front of a doctor 1-3 times a month. I started to realize then that this baby was my angel.  Since then I had three major cancer surgeries, almost 200 lymph nodes removed, and three rounds of oral radiation.  The most recent update is I am clinically diagnosed as a metastatic thyroid cancer patient with mets in both lungs and on a "wait and watch" timeline.

My cancer changed me mentally.  I firmly believe everything has a purpose and we are given challenges for a reason.  Mine was cancer.  It allows me to live life with my angel, feel alive, and not sweat the small stuff.  My cancer was meant to be.  I am forever changed, positively.  I am not defined by cancer – I am defined by how I choose to live with cancer.  Time will tell when the lung mets will start growing bigger. Until then, I live for my daughter.  I will spend every day of my life protecting my sweet angel who saved mine.


June 2014, after my second neck surgery.  Isabella was only 3 months old!

June 2014, after my second neck surgery. Isabella was only 3 months old!